2 Reasons Why Your Business Must Use Instagram


It helps in driving sales

Instagram has the highest conversion rates for sales when it comes to comparing other social media platforms. As it is a dominating platform, it goes straight to the point and lets your product and services speak for themselves. Around 80 percent of companies on Instagram are active every week, and your business must be too. And a lot of consumers are active on Instagram, and the numbers keep on increasing. The overall engagement rate per post has increased to 53 percent annually. This entails posts with location tags and hashtags. Hence, you must always invest in social media management either DIY or by dealing with a digital marketing agency Singapore.

Visual content is the key

Social media users love to see the visuals like infographics, photos, videos etc. When you scroll the feed by yourself, you love to see the content that is visually appealing to you. And you don’t even need any stats for the same, but the visual content always performs better than any other content on social media. This is because 90 percent of info being transmitted to the brain is visual in nature, 40 percent people respond better to visual and 93 percent of communication between humans is nonverbal. Also, imagery is processed 60,000 times better and faster than the text. All you need is a higher chance of being noticed by your target market.

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