Commercial cleaning: how to keep your office clean


A clean and tidy office creates a positive impression of the organization. Therefore, entrepreneurs are interested in maintaining order on the territory of their representative offices. However, not all managers understand how to ensure cleanliness without a significant investment of resources and time.

How much does office cleaning cost

The situation is such that even regular cleaning of offices does not guarantee the optimal condition of the premises. First of all, because the employees themselves often do not maintain cleanliness. Moreover, they deliberately litter in the workplace. But changing this approach is not so easy.

Who should clean the offices and how?

Of course, any business should be handled by professionals. Distracting office workers from everyday tasks is at least unreasonable. However, it is necessary to accustom employees to cleanliness from many points of view. First, it will increase their accuracy. Secondly, it will reduce the amount of time required to find documents or work supplies.

Initially, there should not be anything superfluous on the tables, otherwise the intensity of labor will decrease. And daily personal cleaning of workplaces will greatly contribute to this. As for restoring order in the entire office, it is advisable to contact the cleaners with this issue. Office cleaning in their performance traditionally includes washing and wiping all surfaces, removing dust and dirt from office equipment, caring for furniture and much more.

Typically, commercial cleaning service is done outside business hours. The exact schedule is agreed individually, as well as the list of obligations. Ideally, you should carry out surface cleaning daily (if the office is large, then twice a day is better), and general cleaning should be carried out weekly. This approach is the best solution, and the feedback from entrepreneurs is an excellent confirmation of this.

How much does office cleaning cost?

It all depends on several parameters, including the actual complexity, frequency and amount of work. For one-time orders, the cost of cleaning services is calculated according to the standard price list. When concluding contracts, even more pleasant prices are used.

In both cases, office cleaning is a very affordable solution.

How to choose an office cleaning company?

Maintaining order in the office is one of the most important tasks of any company. Especially if representatives of business partners constantly appear on the territory of its representative office. The cleaner the office, the higher the likelihood of forming a high rating about the organization as a whole and its employees in particular.

According to many entrepreneurs, cleanliness in the office is one of the key manifestations of the responsibility of the organization’s management. After all, if a company cannot ensure order in its own “house”, then what kind of professionalism in business relations can we talk about?

Advantages of cooperation with cleaners when cleaning offices

Large businesses typically employ multiple cleaners to handle day-to-day cleaning tasks. But for small and medium-sized firms, this option is not particularly profitable. After all, employees need to pay a monthly salary, and no one has canceled taxes. It is especially unpleasant that in this case you will have to pay for part-time work.

Additionally, you will need to buy the appropriate equipment, inventory and detergents. And if an employee falls ill, you will have to urgently look for a replacement. Some cons. Cleaning of offices by cleaners is quite another matter.

Professionals will come exactly on time, quickly and efficiently perform the tasks, without interfering with the work process. If necessary, you can even organize cleaning before the start or at the end of the working day.

How to choose an office cleaning contractor?

The competition among cleaners is quite high, but only specialized organizations provide truly high-quality services. Private traders work much worse, which means that in order to get the best service, it is advisable to contact cleaning companies.

Office cleaning performed by professionals is characterized by increased efficiency. But how to choose the best specialists? We recommend paying attention to the following aspects:

     1. the reputation of the organization and feedback on its activities;
2. used equipment and consumables;
3. terms of the contract, liability and guarantees;
4. service flexibility.

Based on these parameters, you need to make the final choice. But if you don’t want to spend time collecting and analyzing data, then just call Hard Rock Cleaning Chicago. Office cleaning with this cleaning company is guaranteed to meet your expectations. Be sure of it.

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