Do I Need Professional Powder Coating Services


You should hire professional powder coating services if: You have large projects. You want professional results. You don’t have time to do your own powder coating job. The last thing you want is a powder coating job that is not done properly. It will result in a product that doesn’t last as long or look as good as it could have.

Your company’s metal products need protection from scratches, dents, corrosion, and other issues. Liquid paints are a popular choice for protecting metal, but liquid paint also can be an uneven application. When it comes to protection, the best option is powder coating.

Powder coating is a type of paint application that gives metal objects a shiny and durable finish. It is used for many items, from toys to appliances. It can be used on any type of metal surface.

To get it done right, you need the help of a powder coating equipment company, but you only deserve the best, so here are some questions to ask when hiring a powder coating service.

How Much Does Powder Coating Cost?

Powder coating prices vary depending on a number of factors. The most important factor is the type of paint used and how many coats of paint are applied. For example, a single-layer powder coat job costs about $40-$60 per square foot. A four-layer powder coat job can cost up to $200 per square foot.

Powder Coat vs. Paint: Powder coatings use a very thin layer of powder, whereas paints use a thicker layer of paint. As such, powder coatings require much less material than paints. A typical single-coat paint job requires about 1/4 cup of paint for each square foot of wall area. A typical single-coat powder coat job would require about 3/4 to 1 cup of powder.

Powder Coat vs. Waterborne: Powder coatings are a water-based system and require no solvents. Waterborne paints use volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the paint and solvent, which can be hazardous to humans and the environment. Powder Coating vs. Traditional Painting: Powder coatings are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional painting. Powder coatings do not use VOCs or hazardous chemicals. They also have a much lower carbon footprint than traditional painting. Powder Coat vs. Paint-On: Powder coatings are similar to paint-on coatings. They are applied with a spray gun and do not require brushing. Paint-on coatings use a brush and apply paint directly to the surface of the material.

How Long Does It Last?

The lifespan of powder coatings is comparable to paint. When applying powder coatings, it is recommended to apply three coats of powder coat for the best results.

Powder coatings are durable and will not chip or peel as they do with paint. Powder Coatings are usually applied to a surface by electrostatic spraying, which creates an even layer of coating that is then baked in an oven.

This process allows the powder to bond to the surface and creates a very durable finish. Powder coatings can be used for any number of applications including automotive, industrial, marine, and residential. The paint industry is one of the largest industries in the country, with an annual volume of over $65 billion. This industry includes both traditional spray paint and powder coating. Powder coating offers several advantages over traditional spray paint. One advantage is that it is less expensive to apply than spray paint.

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