How to Recognize Online Poker Sites Using Bots to Cheat


Most poker enthusiast either plays for fun and relaxation or play for the money, but either way, it brings happiness when you get a reward for your dime. However, all the happiness, relaxation, fulfilment is ruined when you fall into the hands of sites who use Bot systems to play against real players. Aside some few good ones, a lot of online pokers gambling sites use Bots to play to ensure the loss of a real player.

Bot system is an artificial intelligence technology trained or programmed to counter winning moves and prevent players from winning; therefore accumulating victories and money for the site. This system is represented as a player to every real player and participates in games pretending to be another real player. The Bot’s moves are always correct as they are programmed to win the game. For a real player, this means defeat and eventually loss of money.

How to identify online poker agents using Bots

To avoid being a continual victim or a first-time victim of these circumstances, it is essential that you know and understand a Bot’s characteristics. Although Bot’s personality varies, the characteristics listed below can serve as a benchmark for recognizing a Bot.

  • A Bot Has a Strong Defense Game

A Bot is programmed to have very powerful endurance. So the Bot players can last hours playing without switching tables. This means that should you ever encounter a player that has been winning at a table for hours; you might want to suspect the player being a bot.

  • A Bots message response is odd.

Since Bots are results of programming, there thinking is limited when it comes to chatting or replying messages. You can check for Bots when playing online by chatting every of your opponent so see whose reply seems odd. Also, it is expected that while the game is on online, players are busy calculating risks and next moves and might not respond to fast to messages. Bots are likely to reply fast and in the form of a string. Some responses might be repeated after a while of chatting.

  • Bots are always fast in taking decisions.

Since it’s a programmed player, it already has an algorithm of possible moves in the game and response to counter them. Therefore, decision making is not a thing for bots as they already know what to do before it is done.

How to Avoid Playing against a Bot

Since you now know some of the characteristics of a Bot, the next important thing is to know how to avoid them. Here are two methods of avoiding them:

  1. Play online poker only on trusted sites. Although there are so much unfair practices in online gaming, there are still some with fair gaming systems. Research well before choosing an online poker gambling agent.
  2. When you notice anything odd on the current table, switch tables or games completely. With that, you automatically change opponents and dealer. There are several games available to you when you use the online platform, just switch.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, there are still some few online pokers that practice fairness and reliability. One of such is, feel free to ask around about them.

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