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Mark Roemer Oakland knows that some summer weekends call for beach excursions, brunches on the patio, and outdoor performances. However, staying indoors with the air conditioning becomes more enticing when the weather heats up. Treat yourself to a round of binge-watching a long-time favorite or a popular new movie on these sweltering days. Six concerts to stream this summer are listed below.

The Office (U.S.)

Straight Outta Scranton, the musical production starring Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute, never ceases to be amusing or embarrassing, regardless of how many times you watch it. And that pretty much sums up the entire The Office television series. If you’ve been a long-time viewer, spend this summer catching up on the adventures of Dwight and Andy and the early years of Jim and Pam. There is no better time than the present to discover why a docu-style sitcom about a Pennsylvania paper firm captivated such a sizable audience if you have never watched the show.

Breaking Bad

It could appear like Breaking Bad would rival The Office in terms of story twists, with locations ranging from a paper mill in a rural Pennsylvanian town to a high school chemistry class in Albuquerque. However, the opposite is true. When Walter White, the teacher of that chemistry class, learns that he has terminal cancer, his plans are completely altered. In an effort to support his family after his death, he partners up with a former classmate to make and sell meth, and a five-season rollercoaster ride follows.


There is currently only one season of this new Netflix series, but given its early success, additional binge-watching possibilities are undoubtedly coming. It features Jonathan Groff as Holden Ford, a fictionalized version of the actual FBI agents who, in the 1970s, helped establish the idea of a serial murderer and criminal profiling. If you’re committed, you can finish the first ten seasons in a single sitting, and you’ll see some of the spookiest serial killers who have ever lived along the way.

Seven Seconds

This Netflix original, which only recently became available on the streaming service at the end of February, is gaining a lot of attention for its emotional and current plot. It explores the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident in Jersey City that results in the death of a teenage African American kid. Early on, it becomes clear that a white police officer was responsible for the accident. As the boy’s family and investigators get closer to him, the police department’s cover-up grows more egregious.


Dark is another excellent thriller that has its roots in another nation. There are two ways to watch it because it was imported directly from Germany: with subtitles or an English dub. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself in a small German town where two kids have vanished under puzzling, maybe supernatural circumstances. As you enjoy your air conditioning, watch the story develop—at least for one season.

Arrested Development

You can’t go wrong with a critically acclaimed comedy classic like Arrested Development if you prefer your binge-watching to be a little lighter. The cult classic has such a dedicated following that Netflix decided to bring it back for a fourth season. So you can watch hours and hours of the eccentric Bluth family coping with odd circumstances. The characters in this show are outrageous and hilarious, from a dishonest father who simply won’t stay put in prison to a brother whose hook-hand, a result of a brutal encounter with an ocean seal, never seems to stop shredding things.


Mark Roemer Oakland hopes you found this list helpful and will watch one or two of these series this summer.

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