Mark Roemer Oakland Suggests Things You Can Do This Summer That Don’t Cost Anything



Mark Roemer Oakland knows you’re undoubtedly looking forward to spending more time outside in the warm weather now that winter is a distant memory and summer has arrived in full force. The summer season does not just bring higher temperatures; it also brings an increase in the number of chances for engaging in activities that are both free and enjoyable. While you may need to leave the air conditioning bliss you currently live in, you will not need to spend much money. Please take a look at the suggestions below; you will not only have something to do but also won’t break the bank doing it!


When snow and ice cover the landscape, you frequently need to perform your workouts inside rather than outside. On the other hand, the summer months offer the chance to forego going to the gym in favor of working out in the fresh air. Hiking through a breathtaking park might have you so distracted that you might even forget you’re getting any exercise. Treat yourself to a hike on one of the well-maintained pathways higher profile parks like national parks and state parks have to offer if there is one nearby. In that case, opt for a relaxed stroll in your neighborhood’s most beloved park.

Free Tours

Do you find it more comfortable to remain indoors as the temperature outside begins to rise? Then it would be best if you forewent the hike and instead searched the internet for free tours of the area. A neighboring brewery, candy factory, or vineyard may provide tours without charging an admission fee. This is especially common during the summer when people spend more time outdoors. Check to see if there is a solution that everyone in your household or your circle of acquaintances will enjoy.

Kayak or Bike

Going to your neighborhood lake is another enjoyable option to take advantage of the season. Borrow a kayak, canoe, or any other type of watercraft from a friend if you want to avoid spending money on your excursion. Spend some time getting back in touch with nature by floating out on the waning waves. If you have a bicycle at your house, you can go for a ride in the fresh air at one of the parks in the neighborhood instead. Borrowing a bike is a choice in this scenario as well.


Check to see if museums in your neighborhood are hosting free entry days this summer. Even the largest museums have been known to provide free admission days on occasion, typically once a month or once every few months. If you cannot locate one, you should go to the library in your area. The majority of them allow their cardholders to check out free passes to neighboring museums, although there may be a lot of competition for them. It would be helpful to let them know in advance if you have a particular day in mind.


The act of volunteering virtually never costs anything, and on occasion, you may even receive “payment” in the form of free food, such as lunch or snacks. In addition, the number of possible volunteer opportunities skyrockets during the summer months because the warmer weather makes it possible for more manual labor to be performed outside. Participate in a community service project by offering your time to assist clean up a nearby park, construct a house for a struggling family, or sow the first seedlings in a communal garden. You’ll get the opportunity to socialize with people who share your interests while also spending time outside.


Mark Roemer Oakland hopes you enjoyed the above suggestions. There are many other things that you can do for free in and around your apartment, but you are going to have to look for them.

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