Matt Davies Harmony Communities Looks the Top Must-Haves to Become a Successful YouTuber



According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, starting a YouTube channel is fun to show others in the moment and then to look back at it in the future. It can be a full time or part-time job depending on your consistency, quality, and the relevance of the topic you are teaching. Due to it potentially becoming a new source of income, it does require investments for quality products, time, and content to make it work. Here is a list of essentials to consider that can be priced at different ranges depending on your budget and liking. Do your research, have these items, and you are all set to go.

The Must-Haves

  1. Niche and Audience- Before starting your channel, you must consider what your niche and main message will be towards your targeted audience. Based on their demographics, they will respond differently than others and their interests will also be unique. Choose a very specific and narrowed down niche and analyze the group of people who are interested and invested in that niche.
  1. Camera- To make the videos, you need a camera for visuals and content you are planning to create. Depending on how much you are willing to spend on equipment, cameras have various prices that can help you with your final choice. Starting a YouTube channel is definitely a time and financial investment. The cameras need to have been researched and give your self-options of higher quality lenses. You will provide high quality content for your followers and yourself and it will be clearer for others to see.
  1. Microphone- Most cameras have a built-in microphone, but the quality is usually not enough to make a clear or high-quality sounding audio for your video. Research the best types of microphones based on your needs and budget.
  1. Lighting- Lighting is very important for brightness, cleanliness, showing yourself or video clips clearly. You can either use the sunlight, house lights, or purchase specific studio lights to make it easier to eliminate glare and it is more dependable unlike the always changing position of the sun.
  1. Video Editing Software- There are many free software or very affordable applications that can be used to make fairly high-quality videos. The only downfall would be the investment of time required to get the best editing result. Many successful YouTuber’s pay editors to edit their videos because it is hard to stay consistent for their fans if they are always editing and not making the content.
  1. Free Background Music- YouTube has a wide selection of free music that can be used in your videos. Having background music helps the awkward timings in your videos not be silent and awkward. It also helps keep people interested and stimulate their attention span while they are focused on the video as well. Make sure you credit the artists if ever you use music from a channel or music downloader due to copyrights.
  1. Content/Frequency Planner- To stay consistent and organized, a content and social media planner or calendar will be extremely helpful when starting your channel. Time block and color code when you post or make content. Refer to that planner every day to keep up with your schedule.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities concludes by saying how being a YouTuber can be a full time or part-time job depending on how consistent and committed you are to your channel. Your channel can be basic, unique, wild, chill, music, or anything that you want it to be. The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

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