Packaging Fragile Items – Necessary Things You Must Understand

While the season of gifting is around the corner, you should not go wrong with packaging. Surely you must have selected nice and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones but ironically most of the beautiful items tend to be fragile.

Not only humans but also most of the big brands give fragile gifts to their loyal customers during the festive time. Brands who regularly deal with fragile items spend a lot of money on the packaging so that the customer receives it in the right way. We have laid down easy tips for you to deal with fragile items which will allow you to ship any products, to anyone and anywhere in the world.

Using proper boxes

The type of box that you will be using for packaging will be of utmost importance. The right box means your half work is done and your product will reach successfully. It is advised not to use low quality and cheaper card board boxes. This is because the box material is not made up in a proper way to take care of the product.

It does not matter much what you put inside to protect it. Hence, you must always use a hard-cardboard box which can withstand wear and tear through transportation. In Canada, you can get ample amount of options for any type of packaging.

You can also purchase heavy duty corrugated packaging boxes in bulk. It will come cheaper and you can use it for packaging different fragile things. Moreover, these boxes are made from eco-friendly recycled items, which is nature friendly. For diverse packaging options, you can check out boxes from

Materials for cushioning and managing space

For fragile items, inside cushioning is also as important as outside packaging. Right type of cushioning will absorb sudden shocks during on loading and offloading of the box. Inside material should always be foam. There are different types of foam available in the market.


It is good for padding large spaces with boxes. Packaging boxes which are thinly built with wooden material is given this type of packaging. inside the box it gives an added layer of protection. Most of the time brands from electronic and furniture industry uses this type of packaging. This foam is expensive but it’s worth it when you are wrapping expensive items.

Bubble wraps

Needless to say, this is the most common type of packaging. Most of the cosmetic and glassware brands uses this type of packaging. Not only this is cheap but also you can easily use it for any type of boxes.


The Importance of Packaging

Packaging was initially developed to protect products but then it was discovered that packaging could augment the marketing of products. Packaging now runs the gamut, from purely pragmatic to purely decorative and everything in-between. Packaging has become not only industry of its own but, to some, an art form of function.  It is one of […]