The Importance of Packaging

Packaging was initially developed to protect products but then it was discovered that packaging could augment the marketing of products. Packaging now runs the gamut, from purely pragmatic to purely decorative and everything in-between. Packaging has become not only industry of its own but, to some, an art form of function.  It is one of the most important and powerful aspects of marketing. In many contexts, packaging can play a pivotal role in deepening the desire for the brand.

Packaging is important because it provides protection and increases product life. It helps to prevent products from dust and any damage. Packaging keeps goods intact and undamaged during shipping and storage and keeps your hands from contaminating. It also saves from parts being stolen.

Packaging and package labeling have several objectives such as physical protection – from shock, vibration, compression, temperature, etc. of the objects enclosed in the package. It acts as a barrier from oxygen, water vapor, and dust. It serves as an identification of your product. A product is packed in a special sized, colored, and shaped container for keeping its difference from the products of your competitors.

Protect your products against damage

Quality packaging can protect your product from damage or contamination. On the other hand, products without proper packaging can be bad for many factors, typically micro-organisms, air, moisture, and toxins. Packaging protects against three main external influences: chemical, biological, and physical. Packaging, whether it be food packaging, cosmetics packaging, or electronics packaging, serves a purpose. It is a way of protecting your products during distribution, storage, and sale.

Use packaging to market your products

Different packages also enable unique marketing as it separates your brand from the others in the market. This is also called brand positioning. The particular aesthetic, color, and style create positioning in the minds of your customers. Packaging can be a great way to build confidence in a client. The first thing they will see is not your product but the package.

Packaging is a silent salesman. It acts like a communication tool and provides all the information about the product, displays the brand, claims of the product, instructions, etc.; basically, it has anything a consumer should know to buy and use the product. Some would argue that the packaging is as important as the product itself because it’s a crucial marketing and communication tool for your business.

In order to successfully plan your packaging for you, budget, shipping, materials and sustainability, size, design, and branding are all important things to consider when producing the best packaging for your product. Most of the packages, like boxes and storage containers, are temporary. Consumers prefer packages that they can multi-use. Packaging that is easy to utilize, function with, is recyclable, and meets a few customers’ requirements are always exemplary. There are some excellent packaging companies such as A & J Australia who provide customized packaging services and have become your biggest helpers. These qualified wholesale suppliers will show you products at lower cost and higher profitability to your target customers.


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