Things to Consider Before Gifting Your Loved one a Photo Book


A unique gift wows a recipient. However, gifting your loved one on any occasion can be challenging. Regardless of how much you know your recipient, you hope not to give them something they do not like. Though there are a lot of gift items you can get from gift shops and online stores, sometimes people just want something with a personal touch that will leave a lasting impression on them for a long time, like custom photo books. While an ardent lover of books would love a book that will make flipping pages exciting, a personalized photo book will allow you to narrate a story with every photo.

What should you consider before gifting someone a personalized photo book?

Though a photo book may be a great way to express how you feel towards the recipient, there are several considerations you should keep in mind before sending your gift.

  •         Timing of the gift

Begin planning for the occasion before the actual day. If the Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching and you want to show your parents how grateful you are for the wonderful years they have shown you, love, start before the holiday. Take time to select the best photos you want to feature in the photo book. Whether you want to specifically include photos of your previous events together or just your parents with some accompanying hand-written notes to express gratitude, start early. If you fail to prepare, you might find yourself in a hurry to compile images, some of which might not have exciting memories.

  •         Give the photo book proper attention

The first few pages of a photo book will either make your recipient flip through the remaining pages, or shut it and press the stud button on the cover page and continue with whatever they were doing previously. To make your photo book captivating, give it the utmost attention. Arrange it in such a manner that each shot is unique, not because you have an image in your gallery and you think you can use it to fill a gap.

  •         Would you change the photo book for another gift?

Before sending your gift to the recipient, you should first ask yourself if having the same gift would excite you. If your gift choice fails to satisfy you, the chances are high your recipient might not like it either. Therefore, when designing a personalized photo book, make it simple and captivating, capturing every memory your recipient would love to relive. Since a photo book tells a story in several words, ensure your recipient’s story will excite them.

  •         Did you give the photo book proper attention?

When you are thoughtful of who is receiving the photo book, you will know what they love, what they would love to share with the whole world, and the memories they would love to hold on to. Therefore, incorporate shots that will spark different emotions, including off-the-cuff shots that the recipient has no idea you captured. The attention you give your gift will make your beloved know you were thinking about them during the entire creative process.

Gifting someone a personalized photo book is an excellent idea. However, an extra thought during designing may mean a lot to your recipient.

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