What Does The Future Hold For Car Parks


Currently, parking consumes valuable space in both urban and rural regions and is a major cause of pollution, traffic, and annoyance. Everyone has experienced the difficulty of searching for a parking space in a packed car park or on crowded side streets.

Finding a parking spot is not only exhausting, but it is also harmful for your health. Air pollution is increased when drivers are forced to drive about in circles for an extended period of time looking for parking. Additionally, they are making the traffic issues already present on many of our city streets worse. So what would parking look like in the future?

Real-time Information to Enhance Parking

Finding a comfortable, available parking space could no longer be a difficult problem thanks to better parking and traffic management. About the times and locations where parking spaces are occupied, real-time data can be acquired. Small sensors that are positioned in the parking space can accomplish this. The sensors have a lengthy lifespan and are capable of communicating far away. These sensors can then provide information to a smartphone app, which can subsequently display real-time usage information for the space. Then, drivers can use the mobile app to look for parking spots that are close by using a convenient radius.

Adaptive Pricing

Planning parking spaces might potentially be aided by this real-time data. A council may consider a project to provide more spots if there is an excessive demand for parking in a particular region. On the other hand, it could be better to use the land for anything else if there are parking places that are rarely used. Additionally, this relates to dynamic pricing. Parking fees can be adjusted in real time based on demand by using dynamic pricing. Visit our article, The advantages of dynamic pricing for parking, for more details on dynamic parking fees.

An Improved Payment Method

One of the few places in our life where coins are the primary form of payment is in parking lots. Even many bus companies now accept credit cards for payments. Parking will very certainly use a more advanced payment system in the future. With the help of businesses like RingGo, this has already been put into practise in parking lots all around the county. Drivers have two options for paying: using a smartphone app or placing a phone call. Using a cashless parking payment method is much more practical than digging through your pockets for the right amount of change to put in the parking metre.

Additionally, vehicles can extend their parking period using a smartphone app or a phone call using cashless payment options, eliminating the need to physically go back to the parking ticket machine. This is a fantastic choice if an important conference is taking longer than you had anticipated.

Pre-booking Will Gain Popularity

Pre-reserving parking spaces is probably going to gain in popularity. This can be accomplished through online reservations, which ensures that a place will be available for you when you arrive.

Off-street Parking Developments

On-street parking might disappear altogether. Crowded roadways are unsightly and pose a danger for car damage as drivers scramble to fit into ever-shrinking spaces. The majority of places have lots of off-street parking. However, drivers often prefer not to have to look for these off-street parking spaces and will choose for the simpler choice of on-street parking if they are unaware of their location or how to access them.

Shared Transportation and Parking

In the UK, shared car programmes are becoming more and more popular. The perception of automobile ownership is evolving as a result of these schemes. For their fleet of automobiles, shared vehicle programmes frequently have allocated parking spaces. Other vehicles are not permitted to park in these spots. In order for everyone to have access to an automobile close to their place of residence or employment, they are spread out throughout cities and other areas.

EV Charging is Booming

In parking lots all around the country, electric cars are more common. Drivers are urged to switch to electric cars if they can since they are better for the environment. In the UK, there are already 7000 charging stations. For the most part, you can charge your automobile at no cost. Car parks and parking lots will need to consider this if electric vehicles become the norm and make sure there are enough charging stations accessible for individuals to use while their car is parked.

To Finish

In the close future, car parks will look and operate extremely different from the way they do now. With the help of sensors, real-time data, dynamic pricing, pre-booking, and further advanced ANPR systems, drivers will find it easier to find and pay for parking spots. Additionally, shared cars and electric vehicles will make car parks more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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