Why IPTV is sustainable TV viewing system?


TV viewing has become very popular practices across the country and the world. People watch TV for many reasons like education, entertainment, news, sports etc. TV broadcasters have frequently upgraded their various technology and equipments. Traditional TV systems like satellite/dish/cable TV systems have been used by people for years and decades. Traditional TV systems have used satellite/dish and/or cable systems to transmit their contents.

The transmission or content delivery of Traditional TV systems has not enhanced much over the years. The production of content like news, movies, sports have significantly improved over the years.

IPTV is a new TV system under which IPTV providers can transmit their content over high speed Internet. It uses high speed Internet as their backbone for transmission of their content. Since Internet is backbone of this TV system so it crosses geographical boundaries and users can view it across the world with downloadable IPTV apps.

The spread, reliability and demand of Internet have spread over the years. People prefer to do small and big business over the Internet. Corporate across the world have been using Internet to market their products and services. They are using various services and platforms over the Internet to ensure safety and privacy of their transactions.

We have seen that businesses have started using the Internet as the sole medium of their transactions and have grown over time. There are many businesses which have shifted from brick and mortar shop system to online system. Some businesses have not completely shifted from brick and mortar to online medium but they have added a new arm or medium to their businesses. The success of Internet as a strong medium of communication and transaction can be experienced by the number of new entrants and big players over the Internet. Small companies, medium sized companies, big corporate, big banks have partly shifted their businesses to the online business modes. Governments across the world also interact with their citizens over the Internet.

This establishes that businesses using Internet havebetter sustainability than businesses that are using other mediums other than Internet or online. IPTV providers use Internet for the transmission of their IPTV streaming contents. They also offer HD IPTV to their viewers.

What advantages of IPTV make it a sustainable TV system?

  • IPTV can be connected to many devices without having additional dedicated devices as it is with traditional satellite/dish/cable TV systems.
  • Since IPTV is based on high speed Internet so it overcomes many challenges faced by the companies and users of traditional satellite/dish/cable TV systems.
  • The spread and reliability of Internet as a medium has helped IPTV in growing their businesses.
  • IPTV can be watched anytime on many devices like Laptop, Desktop, IPAD, mobiles etc with downloadable IPTV app.
  • A user can watch IPTV on more than one device with one IPTV account but IPTV providershave restricted the number of devices that a user can simultaneously connect to with one user account.
  • IPTV is cost effective TV systems as it does not need additional equipments to watch TV. This helps users in saving money on purchasing, maintaining and periodically replacing equipments.

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