With the Success of Flutterwave, Olugbenga Agboola Is Making an Impact in Fintech


The way the world processes payments is continuing to evolve. Those individuals who can see the future of financial transactions and how they will improve thanks to technological innovations will stand to lead the way in this industry.

Indeed, when it comes to serial entrepreneurs, Olugbenga Agboola stands as a shining example to others who want to move the needle forward in the technology and financial sectors. Agboola has further burnished his reputation with the advent of Flutterwave, which he founded and now serves as CEO.

Flutterwave has proven to be an enormous success, currently worth in excess of $3 billion. The company’s future looked very bright to investors, when it received $250 million last February in Series D financing. Flutterwave’s goal is to upend the way payments are conducted in the African continent.

Industry observers note that Flutterwave has definitely started to make an impact. More than 900,000 companies have joined the system, with Flutterwave serving to process at least 200 million transactions. The value of these financial exchanges has already climbed above $16 billion, indicating the serious integration Flutterwave is making in the financial services sector.

Olugbenga Agboola’s Background Poised Him for Entrepreneurial Success

You can say that Olugbenga Agboola was naturally destined to become an entrepreneur. He has been doing well enough to now qualify as a serial entrepreneur. Prior to founding and heading up Flutterwave, Agboola served as the Head of Digital Factory and Innovation out of Access Bank Plc. He also worked in Product Management at Google Wallet, indicating further interest and expertise in all things having to do with the fintech industry.

Agboola has also been Head of Mobile Financial Services when he was a Sterling Bank Plc. Involvement in entrepreneurial solutions was becoming more evident when Agboola was involved in the Young African Leaders Initiative at the Young African Leaders Initiative Network.

Observers of Olugbenga Agboola take special note that his background is in value chain management as well as in technology operations via the MIT Sloan School of Management. His attention to the security and safety side of the business becomes more evident when you realize that he has an MSC in IT Security Science, obtained from his academic efforts at EC-Council University.

He also had stints working in Enterprise Infrastructure Solution Development at the Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (which is known as GTBank). Prior to that position, Agboola was an application engineer at PayPal. With such a wide range of experience in prominent financial and technology concerns, it’s no surprise that this CEO has achieved such a prominent position at his latest endeavor, with Flutterwave.

Keeping an Eye on Olugbenga Agboola

It’s safe to say that Olugbenga Agboola will be accomplishing more in the world of technology and finances. With the world increasingly turning toward user-centric payment systems that are as frictionless as possible both for customer and merchant, the idea of improving things with innovations such as the work being done at Flutterwave indicate positive things for Agboola going forward.

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