New Airtel Prepaid Sim: Here’s How To Activate Your SIM And Make A Prepaid Recharge Online

Airtel is one of the world’s largest telecom companies and is well-known throughout the world. It works in approximately 20 Asian and African nations. Airtel offers the most affordable mobile recharge plans with the most benefits. To get started with your mobile services, you need to get an Airtel SIM and make a mobile prepaid recharge on your number. So, here’s a step-by-step guide to activate your Airtel mobile services online.

How to purchase and activate your Airtel SIM card? 

Here are the steps to getting started with Airtel without any activation charges:


  • Go to the Airtel website at
  • By choosing “purchase now,” you can choose your desired plan and provide your information to schedule KYC pickup and SIM delivery.
  • Send the SMS “PORT to 1900” will generate your porting code or UPC. From the number 1901, you will receive an SMS that consists of the code. Please keep in mind that the code is only available for 4 days.
  • The Airtel representative will come to your location at the time you specify for SIM delivery and activation.
  • Keep your identification and address proof documents ready.
  • Share your unique port-in code, legitimate address, and identification proofs with the executive.
  • We will move from your current operator to Airtel within 48 hours (within the same state) and 4 days (interstate).
  • The Airtel Thanks app allows you to track the status of your SIM card delivery.


  • Send SMS PORT to 1900, and a Unique Porting Code (or UPC) will get generated.
  • From the number 1901, you will receive the code via SMS.
  • Bring your documents to your nearest Airtel store to complete the KYC and receive a FREE SIM card.
  • Provide the Airtel representative with your unique port-in code, valid address, and identity proof.
  • Within 48 hours, your SIM card will be activated after the verification.
  • You can easily track the status of your Airtel number via the Airtel Thanks app.

SIM Activation

Type “SIM SPACE NEW SIM NUMBER” after purchasing a new Airtel SIM card. Send the SMS to 121 from your new phone number.

You will shortly receive an SMS, and you must reply with 1 to confirm it.

Once you have completed these procedures, your mobile number will be activated within 5 minutes.

How to make an Airtel mobile recharge through the Airtel Payments Bank?

There are two ways to do a mobile prepaid recharge with Airtel Payments Bank. Just follow the steps below:

Prepaid Recharge via the website:

  • Log in to the website.
  • Select “Prepaid” and provide your mobile number.
  • Choose Airtel as your operator.
  • Specify which area/circle you live in.
  • Specify which area/circle you live in.
  • Now, click Proceed to finish the payment. 

Prepaid Recharge via the App:

  • Get the Airtel Thanks App.
  • Select ‘Mobile Recharge‘ from the ‘Recharge’ menu.
  • Enter the number that needs to be recharged.
  • Choose Airtel as your operator.
  • To complete the transaction, click ‘Pay Now.’
  • Next, choose a payment method, such as net banking, Airtel Payments bank, credit card, or debit card.
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile device; input it and continue.


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