A Short Note on Orthotics


Orthotics is a medical term used specifically for prescribing artificial devices to correct, provide support and to keep the alignment of body parts perfect specially to legs and foot. There are innumerable custom orthotics products suggested by podiatrists and orthotist that are quite useful for treating injuries and health disorders related to feet and legs.

The custom orthotics in Orange County suggested by an expert podiatrist like Dr. Sima Soltani are different from the ones that are available in any shop. People usually buy insoles and other gear designed for arch support from the local pharmacy or in the sports shop. Unfortunately, they aren’t fully supportive to heal the foot pain or reduce the discomfort of the legs. Hence, people contact an expert orthotist or podiatrist. They provide custom-made orthotic appliances quite useful to reduce the health problems related to legs.

Here are prime benefits of customized orthotic gears:

  • They are the best aid to reduce the pain in your leg, foot, knee and other body parts like the lower back.
  • Helps to improve body balance by retaining the alignment of the foot and leg properly.
  • Support your heel when you spend long hours standing or do vigorous physical activity on the hard surface.
  • The progression of clawed digits and bunions is prevented by using the orthotic devices regularly.
  • They are the best support to prevent any shock to the lower part of the leg and distribute the impact across the bottom of the foot. It helps to reduce the pressure exerted on the foot to prevent the formation of callus, ulcerations and corns.

The orthotic inserts designed by well-skilled podiatrists and orthotists help in keeping well- being of your leg perfect even while you are standing long hours or engaged in sports activities.

The foot health issues that need custom-made orthotics:

  • The spur of the heel.
  • Highly arched feet.
  • Pain in the lower back and leg.
  • Pain caused by planter fasciitis.
  • Hallux pain.
  • Metatarsal pain. 

Types of main orthotics:

  • Functional customized orthotics: they are specifically designed to correct the alignment of feet. It helps the feet to function normally. It even helps athletes and sports person to regain their leg movements after injuries are healed. It treats many disorders related to foot health like flat feet, heel spur, plantar fasciitis and others. It is the most common type of orthotics prescribed for minor health issues of the foot.
  • Accommodative orthotics: This kind of orthotics is mostly suggested to even distribute the pressure on the foot. It is for people having obesity problems, elderly people, usable for folk suffering from painful corns, calluses or ulcerations. People experiencing arthritis health issues and the patient underwent heart attacks realizing changes in foot structure benefit from this kind of orthotics customized products.

Even children need their feet, arch of the foot or bony structure of their leg isn’t fully formed need orthotic appliances. In Irvine there are ample podiatrist and orthotist ready to help in keeping your leg health problems well treated.

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