Best Airtel plans for 2021


Airtel always viewed their customer’s preferences and their needs as the priority when it comes to offering a new plan or a package. Even during the Corona pandemic, Airtel has come up with so many alternatives that will suit the needs of people and their customers. Many people have shifted to the Airtel plans from their initial plan. Airtel keeps coming up with so many plans to provide extra benefits along with affordable packages and offers to their subscribers. Customers can even make the easy Airtel online recharge through any platform or websites like Airtel Payments Bank, Paytm, Amazon Pay where they can avail different Airtel recharge offers and cashback or discounts too.

The best Airtel plans for 2021

2021 has been a year of great structural change and that changed the customer’s perspective and their needs, considering that Airtel launched some of the best 2021 Airtel recharge plans that will suit the customer’s needs and provide them extra benefits. Airtel recharge can be easily done by any online payment platform.

Some of them are –

  • Under 499 Platinum plan

With this postpaid plan, the customers will get a package including unlimited calls, 100 SMS per day, 75 GB of data for a whole month along with this, they would get one month subscription to Amazon Prime Video, Disney Hotstar and Airtel Xstream.

  • Under 399 Postpaid plan

This plan includes unlimited calls, 40GB monthly data with renewal up to 200GB (after use of allotted data capacity) and 100 SMS/day afterwards 10p/SMS. Customers will also receive free Shaw Academy one-year access, Juggernaut novels, Airtel X-stream App premium, and the Wynk app.

  • Postpaid Family Plans 749 & 999

Customers on the 749 Family plan are entitled to two free add-on numbers – one normal and one data only, unlimited local and long-distance calls, including STD and roaming, 125 GB monthly data with data retention up to 200GB, 100 SMS/day subsequently 10p/SMS, and numerous Airtel awards whereas customers on the 999 Family plan are entitled to four free add-on lines – three regular and one data-only.

In addition to the assigned freebies, add-ons will be charged at Rs 249 for regular–UL calls + 10GB data + 100 SMS/day and Rs 99 for just DATA SIM, correspondingly.

The prepaid and postpaid terms and conditions

  • Customers with Infinity postpaid plans receive unlimited calls, monthly data quotas with roll up to 200GB, 100 SMS per day, and special Airtel thanks benefits beginning from 399.
  • Even beyond authorised data allowance, value-based charges will apply at 2p/MB.
  • Airtel provides preferred customer care to all Airtel platinum clients at our contact centres and stores under the heading of ‘priority service.’
  • Every month, get data rollover advantages with postpaid up to 200GB.

The Airtel plans are made with the view of their customer’s needs only and that will suit them to the most, customers can avail different additional benefits along with the recharge and subscription. Airtel postpaid bill payment can be made easily online through any platform like Amazon Pay, Airtel Payments Bank, Paytm and various others and customers can avail of various offers and discounts too along with extra benefits.

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