Mark Roemer Oakland Considers How to Become a Massage Therapist


Mark Roemer Oakland shares some essential steps to become a massage therapist. Massage therapy is considered one of the most promising careers with so many people going through emotional distress, muscle pain, and several other ailments. If you give a great massage to people, becoming a massage therapist can prove an excellent career for you and help you reach heights. Listed below are the steps to follow to become a good massage therapist:

The Details

  1. Determine whether it’s really your passion– The first thing you need to find out is to determine whether you are really passionate about being a massage therapist. You may be good at massaging, but do you want to choose this as a career? Are you empathetic to people? These are some vital questions you need to answer.
  1. Learn the art- If you decide to be a massage therapist, you need to give the best massage. You can learn the art of massage from a teacher engaged in this profession. You must understand that this profession requires a very intimate experience, and you must be ready for it.
  1. Opt for a specialization- Massage therapy offers many specialties, and you need to make a choice. It is best to put all your focus on only one or two, especially if you are just a beginner.
  1. Do you fit the requirements- Before you join any training program, you must research all the requirements to be a massage therapist. You must satisfy all the licensing requirements, or else every effort can just go in vain.
  1. A suitable training program- You will find many training schools, but you need to go for the one which suits your requirements. While choosing the program, make sure that it is a certified one and fulfills all the licensing requirements.
  1. Get certified- Although certification is not required everywhere, being a certified massage therapist can open many more opportunities for you.
  1. Get licensed- Your school will help in this process and help you to get a license. When you become a licensed massage therapist, you can start practicing.
  1. Start practicing- After you complete all the steps mentioned above, it is time for you to start practicing. You have to decide if you want to set up your own business or get a job. If you want a business of your own, you have to decide on a proper business name, arrange all the required documents, get insurance, etc. Then, it will be best if you put all your efforts and time into setting up your workplace.

You need to buy all the necessary pieces of equipment like a massage table, chair, pillow, oils, lotions, and more. Plus, you must try creating a relaxing atmosphere for your customers.


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, the steps mentioned above will help you be a massage therapist. However, it will be great if you constantly find ways to be the best in the market. You must advertise your services using social media, local ads, opening events, etc., and this will keep you going.


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