How to Pick out the Right Pet Portrait Artist


It is natural to have a portrait painted of one of all your pets since they are family. Everybody would want to immortalize their best friends with a beautiful piece of fine art. Typically, the cost of pet portraits usually is high. This is the primary reason it is key to choose a reliable pet portrait artist. By selecting the best pet portrait artists, you will end up with a work of art that you can enjoy and cherish forever.

As a result of technological advancement, choosing the best pet portrait artist has been made easier. The artists available are creating pet portraits in all mediums, styles, and budgets. In case you are finding dependable pet portrait artists to choose from, consider the guides below.

Finding an Artist

Note that pet portraits are not as common as you think. The best portrait artist you need to choose ought to have specialized in pet portraits. You should not ask someone to paint your dog if you have not seen examples of them tackling such a job. The best pet portrait artist is not selected based on the location. They can be far from where you are or stays away from your county. Professional pet portrait artists happen to work with customers around the world. Thus, it is wise not to allow the pet portrait artist’s location to worry you a lot.

Look at their Portfolio

The portfolio of a pet portrait artist mainly consists of a collection of examples of their work. While finding pet portrait artists online, make sure that their websites have images of past work. While choosing a pet portrait artist based on their portfolio, ensure that you like their styles, have testimonials, use the colors that you use, work in a medium that you like. They are consistently good across their portfolio, among others.

If you love the work of a particular pet portrait artist, but you do not love the medium they work in, it is advisable to take your time to ask them if they can work with your medium choice. If they don’t, you should look for another artist.

The Amount of Cash

Typically, the best pet portraits are usually expensive. Typically, the determining factors of this are size and medium. Note that oils cost more because of the extended process and expense of the material. Charcoal and pencil are the least expensive. On the other hand, you will find out that watercolors and acrylic are middles. It is critical to know that more significant pieces of art are more expensive.

The Commission Process

Each pet portrait artist runs their business differently. The commissioning process is dependent on many factors. For example, you have your budget, initial cost, and reference photo. Considering this tip is very critical since on matters concerning an account, you will be needed to work with a pet portrait who can offer you high-quality pet portrait at a reasonable price. Also, contacting the artist is the best thing you should do before you hire their services.

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