The Art Jamming Movement: A Culture Of Creativity


Art Jamming has been introduced into the Asian region by Art Singapore Gallery (AGP) which was established at the beginning of 2015 as an initiative to promote art appreciation and nurture creativity within the community; it is their first foray into this new form of self expression.

Participants can sign up for AGP’s monthly Art Jams via its website:, ranging from $102 per person for ‘Art Jammer’ membership, including one free entry per event, all the way down to $60 for ‘Art Jamsider’ membership, including one free Art Jam per year.

Art Jamming Singapore is now a popular culture in the country that has been adopted by people of all ages, backgrounds and expertise levels. The Art Jam experience (based on the ART*IS*) was created as an initiative to “give everyone the opportunity to be creative and commune with others.”

Participants can take part in weekly Art Jams at our flagship store located at City Hall #02-91/92 every Saturday from 12pm till late evening; this event rotates among different mediums.

They are open to all abilities and we have a team of staff members who will assist you with any questions.

To give participants the opportunity to test out different Art Jam events before committing themselves, we recommend signing up for an Art Jumbotron workshop session which lasts about two hours depending on your preference.

It’s essentially like a short hands-on course without pressure. We would be delighted if you were interested in this type of introductory workshop where visitors can try out new materials and techniques.

In their workshop, you will discover how to create a painting using acrylic paints on canvas. This is an interactive session led by the staff members where visitors can learn about different techniques of creating art through trial and error.

You get the chance to do some hands-on demonstrations with new materials – like interesting textured papers, pens and inks that are used for mixed media artwork.

They cover a variety of materials and techniques – from painting with acrylics, to paper crafts. You can also get tips on how artist’s use mixed media art in their work for inspiration.

In the end, you will be invited to create your own piece of artwork using what you’ve learned throughout this session. All attendees are encouraged to bring along an A-Z notebook (or sketchbook) so that they can take notes during the workshop!

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