4 activities to plan in your weekend


Waking up on a Friday also means that the weekend is calling. Time to relax and focus on things you enjoy. Although most people are quite busy during the weekends, it might occur that you are looking for new ideas and activities. The following activities might give you some inspiration for fun weekends to come. Next thing you know you might have new hobbies to cope with.

Get-a-way for a day

Maybe you’ve already seen your own city or village so many times that it is not exciting to go to the center again. Would it not be fun to just take the guess, make a choice for a random village/city and go there by train or the car? It might surprise you what kind of different stores, squares, or restaurants they have over there. You could leave early in the morning and arrive before lunch; hence you have a long day! In case you like it very well over there, you could always see if there is the possibility to stay the night. With only one booking, you will change your get-a-way for a day into a weekend get-a-way!

The wellness

How does it sound when I tell you that there is a place where you can literally blow steam off? Where are you able to close your eyes and actually enjoy pure silence? When you do not have to think about time or about what others think about you? Great, right? Suitable suggestion: try wellness! Look online for wellness accommodations which attract you and make a reservation. There are plenty of options: evening tickets; staying over; morning swim…


Empty your agenda and plan a Saturday pub crawl with your friends. You can discuss on forehand how many pubs you would like to visit or make arrangements that, for example, everyone chooses one pub where you have to go. Or, when the bar does not especially sound like a great plan: have a beer tasting with your friends at home. Everyone could pick a few different beers and bring them! In case the evening ends early, you can always think about playing a few cards or making online bets.


Maybe not the first thing you think about when making plans for a regular weekend: following a workshop! For instance, a workshop painting with endless possibilities for different artworks (real-life models; still-life painting). Another fun workshop could be creating your own jewelry. Or did you always wanted to learn how to make the perfect paella? Go follow a cooking-class and prepare the best Spanish rice-dish ever! Following a workshop is a fun way to learn about new things and develop your skills. And who knows… maybe you will suddenly turn out to be the new Picasso or Gordon Ramsay.

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